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Build business relationships and meet and interact with people who share similar interests

Generation of business

Make new connections and grab opportunities to take your business to new heights.

Sharing of industry-wide

Learn more about the latest trends in the industry and how your business can gain from them.

Investment planning

Get guidance on planning and financing your ideas from industry leaders

Promote your business

Get ideas on how to grow your business and gain visibility


Make connections with like-minded people and be mentored by them


The ISC Professionals and Entrepreneurs Forum's (IPEF) mission is to bring together all of our professionals and business owners on a single platform and encourage networking so that we can advance both individually and as a group.

We wish to arrange frequent meetings and activities to foster networking among our members and generate business prospects.

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Networking with high-level and influential people

Enduring Partnership

Align and evolve with like-minded people


Gain knowledge from industry bigwigs

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